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It is important for all of us to support our immune systems with the best quality nutrition possible.  Making sure you stay hydrated and getting eight hours of sleep are also important.

Experts are reporting that Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc along with other supplements are critical to support a healthy immune system. The good news is that you can purchase these products directly and have them delivered directly to your door.

I have been using Standard Process Inc.  for all my supplement needs for over 20 years.  They offer a comprehensive line of over 190 nutritional supplements and products made using whole food ingredients and supported with scientifically based evidence. This wholistic approach ensures they deliver high-quality, nutrient-dense products.

If you would like to order any supplements just go to:

Click on “Patient Direct”
Go to the patient registration.
Use code M3E232.  This code will allow me to authorize your purchase.

On the home page you can click on the “Resources” tab.
On the far right click a heading called “Product”.
Once there click on “Supplement Selection Guide” for a listing of products by category.
It will look like this:

Immune Function

Short-Term Support 


Congaplex® Chewable

Epimune Complex


Calcium Lactate

Calcium Lactate Powder

Cataplex® C

Cataplex® F Tablets

Cataplex® A-C-P

Spleen Desiccated



Long-Term Support 


Epimune Complex

Spleen PMG®

Thymus PMG®



Sesame Seed Oil

Some other great products include the multi-vitamin Catalyn, Cataplex A-C, Catplex D, Echinacea, Andrographis, Astagalus, and Rodiola & Ginseng.

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